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Return & Refund Policy

General return policy

  * We  accepts a partial or complete refund for the item that has problem due to our carelessness. That means we can not warrant a refund if the problem of the item is not caused by Vanpeak, because we do not do free returns.

* We do not accept returns that customers order several dresses back home for try on and then keep one return others.

* Please contact customer service department within 14 days after receiving the package if there's any problem with the goods. We only accept products in their original state, without modification, without cleaning and without smoke. We cannot process any returned products without our prior approval. If you wish to return some or all of the items on your order, please contact customer service and your package must contain a return form.

    * All items must be returned with the original label. Clothes that do not have the original label or do not comply with the return policy will be rejected.

    * We will refund your purchase price. Bonus points / coupons/ rush order fee and express shipping fee are not refundable.

   * A 10% re-stocking fee will be applied for any approved returns. 

  * For the returns  we are charging a shipping fee per item before issuing a refund. The fee depends on your location. 

    * You are responsible for the goods before they arrive at our warehouse, so make sure that they are packed properly and will not be damaged in transit! We suggest that you obtain postage certificate.

    * We are not responsible for any goods returned by mistake.

    * All goods will be inspected at the time of return. When we confirm that the product has the problem you mentioned, we will deal with the refund.

    * We reserve the right not to accept returns without the prior approval of customer service.

   * We cannot accept returns on items that have been worn or damaged by improper cleaning method. We can not support customers order several dresses back for try on, and then keep 1 and return others. We cannot accept returns for customer self designed dresses.

  * If the error of unfitting regarding size/color that were made or specified by customers during purchasing our products, the customers will not be eligible for refunds under this case.

* All dresses/suits can not be canceled after 24 hours, if need cancel, there will be a fee for the fabric and workmanship that already spent on the dress, around $50. The amount depends on the dress.