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Vanpeak is a premier consulting firm that focuses on organizational change and people development. From our years of success and proven results from working together with global companies like Shell and Exxon Mobil, we adapted our expertise and localize our knowledge to help businesses from all around the world achieve their goals.

We fuel the people behind every strategy.


Using our HABITS framework, we help businesses achieve excellence


William Lim


The deliverables will help me and my organization to attain own goals and to deal with challenges internal and external to the organization. VANPEAK has done a very good job in delivering the project and I will definitely apply what I've learned in my day to day interaction with my team and in dealing with the challenges at work. Thanks a lot VANPEAK Team!



Vanpeak really understood our challenges going in and  Raj in particular, brings with him a wealth of experience in the field.  He identified the habits that were hindering  work performance and creating unneeded office politics. After the proposed session, employees on the ground really understood their purpose and are aligned with the organization. Strongly recommend.

Suraya Prakash


Attended one of the workshops by Vanpeak. It was heartening to see our top level managers come down and attend it with us. Unlike the  typical rah-rah motivational workshops I've attended, this workshop focuses on our personal habits and organizational habits. We better understood our managers and vice-versa. It was a great workshop!

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