Our HABITS framework

Why habits?

We don't believe in just setting organizational goals. Goals are end-results without a concrete plan to get there.

We use our HABITS framework because habits are daily sub-conscious repeatable processes that drive the organization towards its goals.

While Vanpeak works with companies in Singapore, we also do consulting in other parts of the world.


Figure 1 : Goals vs Habits

People as our focus of change

People are the key to organization as both their conscious and sub-conscious habits affect organizational performance in every department.

Our framework focuses on the concept of keystone habit, a single habit that will have positive spillover effect.


An organizational keystone habit can influence many other areas of the business.


Zappos focused on excellent customer service which spilled over to how they do everything.


In a 2016 study of returns of healthier and safer organizations , it was observed that companies that scored high in the CHAA safety category outperformed the market by three times, achieving a return of 314% compared to the S&P’s 105% during the same period.


If we use stock price as indicators of an organization’s performance, it is evident that companies that focuses on safety or a keystone habit are better performers than those who do not focus on them.


Insight: Safety, a keystone habit helped improve overall organizational performance.


Figure 2: Capital returns comparison for companies with and without keystone habits

Source: Fabius et al., (2013). The link between workforce health and safety and the health of the bottom line: Tracking market performance of companies that nurture a "culture of health".

How it works

Habit loop.png

Figure 3 : Habit Loop

Data collection stage

After setting the objectives with the management, our team will set out to understand the habit loops of your organization and how it relates to the objectives that has been set.

Data intepretation stage

After analysing of the relationship of the habits and overall performance of the organization, we will determine the root cause of bad habits and how we can change them into good ones. We will also determine the keystone habit of your organization that will achieve the objectives set.

Feedback stage

The results of the report will be shared with the management along with concrete actions plan moving forward.